We have big plans, We are micro-chipping all our dogs and we are getting
them DNA test with AKC. All of our puppies are born and raised around
children and other dogs.  We passed the our first AKC Inspection on
6/04/2008 and we are building onto our Kennel in 2015, we putting up a new
building where it will have four whelping  pens and we will be Reg, our kennel
name with AKC in 2015.
If you are looking for a Siberian husky  and you have never owed one please
read up on them. Here is a site you may want to go to first,
Shca.org   please
read it and please read our
price page so you know the price and what you get
with your new family member, Blessed be,
You can e-mail me at
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    Here at Harley's paws, We have AKC Siberian Husky . We are in the
Western part of Kentucky by the lakes. We only have 6 husky. Which means
we will breed 2 to 3 times a year. We live on 2 acres of land. We have about
an acres just for the dogs to run and play. We check all who wants to buy a
puppy from us on the
pet-abuse guarantee, 2 year warranty against genetic
defect. All of our dogs are part of our family and we make sure all are puppies
that we sale go to the right family for them. Someone who will love them and
take care of them just like we do. So we do,do background checks for
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All Deposit go to                   
Connie Stufflebeam              
PO Box 804                          
Benton Ky. 42025
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Update :
We are Taking Names for a waiting list on puppies.
and what litter you are wanting a pup from.
Taking Pride In The Pets
We Raise
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